what does the yellow heart emoji mean

what does the yellow heart emoji mean

A Yellow Heart Emoji “💛” is the emoji someone uses for friends in the contact name or sends to them.

If your female friend puts yellow hearts by your contact name, odds are that you are in the friend zone.

“Look, Tyra put yellow hearts by my contact name. Maybe she likes me now.”
“Nah. If it isnt red then you’re still in the friend zone. Especially when the are yellow.”

Yellow is a bright, fresh color that makes us think of sunshine, energy, and optimism. It’s also the closest color to gold. When someone says you have a ‘heart of gold’, they are saying you are very kind and good-natured.

A yellow heart emoji represents all these things.

Use yellow heart emojis with your friends and anyone who makes you laugh. You can use it in your social media captions freely during the spring and summer months to show the activities and people that make you happy.

It’s never a bad time to use a yellow-gold heart – it’s a great compliment and will make someone’s day if they receive one!

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