what does !* mean in texting

what does !* mean in texting

In Optimality Theory (the standard theory in phonology since the 1990s), when found in a special chart called tableau, it means: “this candidate is eliminated because of one constraint violation”.

And specifically:

* is a symbol of violation; the number of stars is relevant because it shows the number of violations of a given constraint

! means that the particular candidate is eliminated at this point of evaluation - some other candidate will be selected as the optimal candidate (hence the name “Optimality Theory”)

It’s not the area of knowledge that you meant? Well, your question is so broad that this answer is on the topic. And if you don’t even know what Optimality Theory is (or even what phonology is), don’t worry. We live and learn. You wouldn’t believe how many things I have learnt from Quora - some of which I didn’t even know that I didn’t know.

And you never know what may come in handy when you are stranded on a desert island. Or just want to start a conversation.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend: Rene Kager’s. Optimality Theory. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics. 1999, but it is still a very good source.

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