what does '...' mean in texting

what does '...' mean in texting

In literature, “…” is traditionally used to indicate a long period of time passing between the events of a story. An author might describe characters beginning a long walk … then describe them ending their walk after many hours.

This is not usually it's meaning in text, but it borrows from that. “…” is used to help pace a text message. When you see it, it probably means that (were this spoken word) there would be a significant pause.

Pausing is very normal in normal speech, and can change the meaning of a sentence. “um, maybe you should check” could seem a lot more aggressive than the slightly worried “um… maybe you should check.”

This isn't too different than the use of emoticons — :) — to denote emotion. Text can be very hard to interpret, because it lacks the nuanced interactions of face-to-face communication. Lots of little things like these have been popping up to compensate for that.

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