what does it mean to dream of zombies

what does it mean to dream of zombies

To see zombies walking towards you in a dream indicates there may be a sense of losing control or a situation in your waking life that is spinning out of control

Dreams about being chased by zombies = stressed out and worry.
Witnessed a zombie apocalypse = new beginning

Dreams about turning into a zombie = unable to control emotions.

Dreams of protecting your home against zombies = new start.

Known someone who turned into a zombie or was bitten by a zombie = lack of understanding.

Just simply seeing many many zombie's = tough love!

To encounter a dream but a zombie attack is often connected to our own inner stress

If you dream about zombies attacking earth and this can indicate that you feel threatened

If you dream about turning into a zombie this could be associated with the challenges and the emotional load that you are encountering daily life.

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