what does it mean to dream of white butterfly

what does it mean to dream of white butterfly

if you see a white butterfly in your house, then someone has to die in that homestead. Seeing a white butterfly at the beginning of the year is also an omen to them.

Dreaming about white butterflies can also be a warning about a disease or worry that you are having about a medical issue. 

Seeing two white butterflies seen fluttering in the sky indicates that two people who are close to you are being watched and cared for. Also harmony

If in a dream, a white butterfly flies in a room, or lands on someone in the dream whom you know in your waking life, it can represent that person or someone you know who will soon be sick.

If you keep seeing the white butterflies it can also signify that change can sometimes be worrying but you must embrace the challenge.

if you saw a white butterfly as the first thing in the new year, then you were to have a year full of good luck

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