what does it mean to dream of a wedding

what does it mean to dream of a wedding

A royal wedding in a dream can denote happiness and that you will take in all the enjoyment in life. 

If you see a couple together getting married in the dream it is representative of the fundamental unit of life.

To see two people that you know get married in a dream indicates that you have emotional barriers in life

To attend a marriage and to see two people unite that you do not know indicates, that baggage in life seems to feel heavier

To see two people providing their marriage vows to each other indicates a union

To hear the wedding march in your dream indicates that you are living according to your partner's wishes. It can signify that goals may be missed

To see food and socialization after the ceremony is a positive omen

A Jewish wedding is a positive omen

A Muslim wedding seen in a dream indicates partnership ahead

To see a Christian wedding is typically a church wedding. You may see a vicar, priest or pastor

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