what does it mean to dream of vomiting

what does it mean to dream of vomiting

To see vomit on the walls in a dream may also signify exhilaration or sexual excitement

If you see a child or baby vomiting in a dream this can be associated with getting away from a difficult situation and childhood memories

To vomit at work in a dream or at school suggests you will be guiding others

To dream of your son or daughter vomiting in a dream signifies a desire to go back to your childhood memories and heal

To see a dog vomiting in the dream is connected to the relationship with a friend

To dream of green vomit can suggest feeling out of control in life. Black and orange colored vomit are also associations of one being vulnerable in life.

Seeing blood in vomit indicates you're feeling particularly vulnerable right now

To clean up vomit that includes blood indicates activity, new starts, knowledge, and control in life

If your own baby is being sick in the dream this suggests a new start

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