what does it mean to dream of tree

what does it mean to dream of tree

A tree is a symbol of life connection to all things.

If you dream of eating a fruit from a fruit tree, then it is a good sign that you will reap the benefits of a task at work. 

If you are dreaming of an herb tree such as a bay tree, this means that you are going to feel trapped at work because of a lost opportunity

If you see the tree’s branches in your dream, this it is associated with masculine energies

To dream of a cherry tree indicates that someone is going to be sweet to you shortly.

If you see the roots, there are many things you need to discover in order to get a happy life. 

If you are climbing the tree it signifies there are secrets that need to be shared.

If your attention is drawn to the fallen tree’s stump, it means that sometimes you do not get the message that you like.

The tree symbolizes a connection to the world around you and your ability to grow and your ability to grow and develop spiritually. 

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