what does it mean to dream of snow

what does it mean to dream of snow

To see powder snow is positive it denotes according to Sigmund Freud a way to approach problems that are troubling your subconscious mind.

A snow fight is a positive dream. However, sinking in snow could mean that your feelings for someone you used to love have cooled off

If you see snowflakes in your dream, it means unhappiness ahead.

If you dream about snow sports, you may desire relaxation and freedom.

If you are currently experiencing a snowy winter, and you're stocking up on hot chocolate and Netflix then this dream just symbolic

If you are walking in the snow sure of yourself, this refers to your trust in the other people or in your loved ones

If you see the snow melting into freshwater, perhaps floating in a river or lake and this can suggest that you will find challenging ways to overcome problems

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