what does it mean to dream of puppies

what does it mean to dream of puppies

If you do not know the breed of puppy then the color can be used to understand more about its context, which I will discuss later on.

The puppy can be a representation of toxic relationship.

if you were snuggling up to the puppy or the puppy was super cute then the dream is generally positive.

If the puppy was happily bouncing about then this dream can indicate a positive period in life

If you found a puppy in a dream it can indicate that you need to think about how those people you care about. 

A brown or tan colored puppy in your dream might indicate a stable relationship and rewards

Seeing a white or golden puppy in dreams may symbolize the strong relationship you have with the people you love like your relatives, best friends or partner

If you dreamed about light colored puppies, it denotes an aspect of your life that’s currently under development

Newborn puppies in your dream might also suggest that you should take your time to create and improve plans

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