what does it mean to dream of lizards

what does it mean to dream of lizards

The lizard itself is associated with gaining spiritual knowledge and power in life

If the lizard in your dream is attacking, this means that your enemies are on the watch, and follow all your moves.

If you see a sleeping lizard, you will meet new people with good intentions.

Dreaming about a lizard is the omen of wisdom, as well as loss caused by enemies

A green lizard in your dream illustrates rounding work is required in real life

A multicolored lizard in your dream can suggest a new phase of life

Seeing a black Lizard in the dream represents a darker side of life

A red lizard in a dream indicates a passion for work, a blue Lizard in a dream illustrates the calmness will enter your life shortly

Killing a lizard in a spiritual context indicates that there are many different avenues you need to explore

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