what does it mean to dream of frogs

what does it mean to dream of frogs

Seen a frog = love, happiness and luck!

Seeing a red frog during your dream connected to passion also the fact you may experience a major change in your life.

The blue frog featured in the dream illustrates possible healing the end of difficult times

White frogs in dreams indicate being pure and good luck.

A black frog means your hiding your feelings.

Killing a frog signifies that enemies or unpleasant people will soon vanish. 

If you see one or two frogs, they represent an individual who’s devoted to others. 

Dreaming of eating frogs is a sign that you will have a peaceful and accomplished life.

If you see a frog at your door, this means a visit is coming soon. 

If you see a frog entering your town, it means common peace. 

If you hear croaking sounds of frogs in your dream, unfortunately, it denotes death.

If you see a frog leaving town in your dream, it foretells calmness, answered prayers and inner peace. 

Stepped on a frog = someone is stepping on you.

Seen a toad = knowledge.

Seen a lot of toads = increased knowledge.

Seen an ugly frog = giving up.

Been a frog = change

Encountered a jumping frog = jumping into situations.

Fed a frog = feeding your mind.

Killed or injured a frog = healing.

Played with a frog = contentment.

Kissed a frog = happiness.

Eaten frogs = new start.

Heard a croaking frog = communication.

Seen a frog in the grass = someone is hiding something.

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