what does it mean to dream of elephants

what does it mean to dream of elephants

If you see a dream about elephant this plot can also predict generous reward from an authoritative person.

If you dreamed of pompous decorations on an animal, it means that you will be honored and recognized.

Dream about training an elephant means you strive for leading positions. 

If a man often sees elephants in his dreams, this is a sign that he is a willful personality and he should put aside all the doubts and fulfill his dreams

Caressing an elephant in a dream means you will be planning a startup

A single elephant is a sign of a small but very profitable business

A dead elephant is a bad sign warning about danger or disastrous deal

An elephant bathing in the sea predicts some chores with officials and papers

A dream about milking an elephant cow predicts income increase.

A dream about two elephants is a sign of mutual interest between people.

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