what does it mean to dream of eggs

what does it mean to dream of eggs

If you dream about ostrich eggs or some other large eggs, it is usually a good sign 

And it means you could gain some fortune or experience a really happy situation, which would most likely appear to come out of nowhere.

Small eggs in dreams symbolize small, manageable, but annoying obstacles that irritate you, upset you and constantly keep obstructing your plans.

Dreaming about Easter eggs could be very symbolical, especially for religious individuals. In general, Easter eggs represent something good, positive and happy.

If you dream about seeing eggs in a nest, this dream symbolize a safe environment. It means you feel safe and secure in your life and at your home

Seeing broken eggs in your dream could be a reflection of your disappointments on reality.

If you dream about throwing eggs at someone, this dream reflects your disrespect for others in reality.

Eating raw eggs in your dream means you are preparing yourself for new challenges and you feel strong and ready to engage with new projects.

Dreams about eating a meal made of eggs, boiled eggs or an omelet are mostly positive.

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