what does it mean to dream of eating fruit

what does it mean to dream of eating fruit

Eating fruit in your dream foretells a good life full of abundance

If the fruits are red, you will enjoy good health and pleasures. Seeing fruit pulp suggests that your accomplishments are delayed by huge obstacles.

Eating sour and rotten fruits in a dream means that some of your future plans will not work out, you will be discouraged, or you will have some disillusions

If you had a dream about eating unripe fruits, then the meaning is the same is in dreams of unripe fruits on trees or picking them up, only this time the message is frankly obvious.

If you eat tasty, sweet ripe fruits, it means success. It means you are doing great and that you will experience success.

If you eat rotten, bitter fruits in your dream, it means you are about to experience consequences for what you said and done wrong. In reality, you probably try to avoid such things and even try to forget them.

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