what does it mean to dream of dolls

what does it mean to dream of dolls

A dream about doll with unreal proportions symbolizes the rejection of imposed ideals, the search for solace in empty fun.

If you saw Barbie doll in a dream, this plot is a warning about losing a good friend because of unacceptability of high demands or compelled long-term travel. 

If someone gave you dolls as present, you may be sure that all your wishes will come true. The dream can also symbolize financial reward.

If you had a dream that you gave someone a doll, you will make your relative happy soon and make an honorable deed.

A new doll received by a dreamer can represent his impotence, a decision to give up under the burden of obstacles.

A doll dressed in wedding dress predicts a meeting, joyful event, new acquaintance or pregnancy.

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