what does it mean to dream of a bear

what does it mean to dream of a bear

Bears in our dreams usually symbolize our strength, power and independence. 

if you dream of a big bear, you will get lucky.

If you are being hunted by the bear the dream can indicate that you need to overcome some difficult obstacles in life.

To see a white bear in the dream is associated with the inevitability of peace in life.

To see the skin of a bear means that you will successfully overcome any opposition.

To see a brown bear indicates a new start.

The actual deeper meaning of a bear is a connection with our inner thoughts.

Seeing a bear in your dream is generally a sign of violence in real life.

If in your dream a bear attacks you, this means precaution is necessary. A brown bear means brutal passions, and enemies full of ferocity.

If you yourself kill the bear, you will be able to get rid of those that you do not want in your entourage anymore.

If you dreamed of a teddy bear, then this provides a window to your deepen your childhood instincts. 

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