What does the green heart emoji mean

What does the green heart emoji mean

The green heart emoji (💚) is the heart that represents friendship. Green is nobodies favourite colour and therefore it does not represent love (romantic) but love (friendship). When the green heart is sent, the receiver knows for sure that the sender is just their friend and vice versa.

Luke: Hey, we can't send hearts anymore because my girlfriend is sus :(
Bridget: Don't be silly luke, just tell her they're only green hearts
Luke: Oh yeah! If I tell her we only send green hearts she'll know we're just friends, because the green heart emoji is the friendship heart!

Green heart emojis are extremely popular around St. Patrick’s Day, with green being a popular color in St Patrick’s Day decorations and coloring pages, such as these. You’ll see leprechauns and shamrocks (and a lot of green) leading up to St. Patrick’s Day in March.

Green heart emojis are used by vegetarians on social media to show their love for the planet, with green symbolizing the Earth and nature.

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