what do guatemalans think about punctuality

 what do guatemalans think about punctuality

Answer :

Guatemalans are generous, warm, polite, and humble. They value honesty, family unity, personal honor, work, and education. Optimism is less common than the acceptance of misfortune. People often believe they are unable to change their condition, either for lack of empowerment or because some things are God's will. Personal criticism, taken seriously, should be avoided. Punctuality is admired but not strictly observed; people are considered more important than schedules. This manner of keeping time is referred to as la hora chapina (the Guatemalan hour). Guatemalans are gracious, love to make jokes of almost any situation, and strive to make any social interaction comfortable. The phrase No tenga pena (Don't worry) is commonly used to set others at ease.

Family status and wealth are important to ladinos. Many consider the Maya to be inferior and uncivilized, and they avoid contact with those who do not adopt ladino ways. The Maya, who have long been subjected to discrimination and human-rights abuses, desire to be treated as equals. Maya who wear Western clothing and assimilate into ladino culture are treated somewhat better.

While the peoples of Guatemala are diverse, they have in common a desire for a tranquil life. Guatemalans are cautiously optimistic that the 1996 accord has brought peace.

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