what does it mean to dream you are drowning

what does it mean to dream you are drowning

To drown in the sea, or struggle to breath means that something is stopping you moving forward.

If you notice that you are drowning in a swamp, this might mean there are anxieties that undermine your confidence in waking existence. 

To drown in a bath suggest’s hidden depths.

To drown and die means that we will be reborn. 

If you notice other people drowning in your dream, it means that you're trying to work out something dark and hidden. 

Should you see yourself struggling in the water means emotions are going to run high in your life, swimming or sailing around a lake suggests contentment if you're drowning, this indicates anxiety.

To rescue someone from drowning is a positive dream it means others will rely on you. 

if in your dream you survive the drowning, it might correspond to an "emotional rebirth" you may be having in your life,

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