what does it mean to dream of cockroaches

what does it mean to dream of cockroaches

If you are planning something important and then you dream of a cockroach, it is a positive sign which indicates you will start celebrating soon.

If you are a male and you dream of cockroaches then this can suggest that in time you will rely on a strong female.

When you see a dead cockroach or kill a roach, think about ways in your waking world where your own lust for life has died.

If you dream of cockroaches frequently, this can encompass in waking life the need to recognize that change is needed

Seeing a swarm of cockroaches under your feet “crawling” denotes that, you are engrossed with fear of losing what you have been working hard to achieve. 

A dream that a cockroach is killed can indicate a need for you to clean up your life

To crush a cockroach with your shoe or to hit the roach using a slipper can mean there is something which is going to happen that will be the beginning of positive things coming your way

If you see cockroaches scattering all over the floor in all directions indicates that it is time to reorganize your life

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