what does it mean to dream of tornadoes

what does it mean to dream of tornadoes

Tornadoes reflect anger, losing your temper, high degrees of stress, frustration, anxiety, worry, or strong emotional outbursts.

If a man has dreamed of seeing a powerful tornado, it usually means that this man has some conflicts and problems at work. 

If a woman is dreaming of seeing a tornado, it can mean that she had an argument with her partner, which can lead to the end of their relationship. 

If you have survived a tornado in your dream, it has a positive meaning. This dream means that you will have a progress in your waking life. 

To see multiple tornadoes in your dream means that you have your mind mixed up. You are overwhelmed by your emotions and you feel powerless. 

To see two tornadoes in a dream can indicate that you are a difficult person to love.

If you see several tornadoes in your dream, it may refer to some people who change their mood frequently.

 A dream about several tornadoes may refer to a volatile relationship as well.

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