what does it mean to dream of sugar cane

what does it mean to dream of sugar cane

Sugar cane means toiling and suffering, rambling, or clamor in the area in which it is seen in a dream. 

Sugar cane in a dream also could represent a noble lineage, acquiring an honorable knowledge, or earning a spiritual advancement.

Eating cane in the dream means that happiness and prosperity and wealth will increase in your family

To see the cane field in the dream means happiness in the family, increase in wealth and alleviation of sufferings

if a person sees sugar cane shopping in a dream then it is a very inauspicious dream that you may have to face loss of money in the coming time

Seeing cane in a dream or a very auspicious dream indicates the attainment of wealth

if a person sees the cane in his dream, then this dream is a very auspicious dream

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