what does it mean to dream of snakes

what does it mean to dream of snakes

Dream of Snakes, it's a sign of trouble, i.e. you're afraid of something that needs your immediate attention in your waking life, it can be linked to a problem or circumstance in your life.

When you feel fear from the snake, then it symbolizes that you fear and don't want to face something in your life. If the snake you're afraid of begins to run away from you, it means that the thing you're afraid of is just in your imagination and never materializes. Stop fearing in simple words, because nothing is going to happen.

But if the feeling was natural or good, then it means you are recovering and facing the anxiety without any problems. You are more interested in tackling the problems than in trying to ignore them. It may also reflect that you already know the problems to which your vision is pointing.

If you've been chasing the serpent, that means somebody or something is ignoring you whose attention you want.

Dreaming about a wild snake symbolizes something that gets out of control in your life, it can be your wellbeing, family life, etc. A Pet snake means everything gets under control and positive change takes place. If you see someone trying to hurt you, it may be that someone is trying to disrupt your transition.

Fighting a snake represents avoiding a transition or circumstance. It may be something that you don't want to happen, or it has already happened, so you try to ignore something.

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