what does it mean to dream of poop

what does it mean to dream of poop

To poop in your dream suggests that you need to get remove any negative thoughts and the evil energy circling your life right now

If you come into contact with the excrement or poop in your dream this shows that you have a guilty conscious or feel that you are in fact a dirty person. 

To poop in public in your dream indicates in ancient dream lore that you are feeling exposed and vulnerable, open to new possibilities and removing negativity.

If you dreamed of poop it’s a sign of financial luck and wealth according to older dream lore.

To smell poop in your dream means that you will get an opportunity to make some extra cash 

Seeing yourself sat on the lavatory having a poop (with or without a door) can indicate that you need to remove any difficult feelings in life. 

To dream of animal’s poop is a good omen in dream lore - that represents wealth, happiness, money and of course profits

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