what does it mean to dream of money

what does it mean to dream of money

If you lack money in your life, you might dream of finding a lot of money.

If you receive or find gold coins in your dream, it might also represent happiness and satisfaction.

Also, your overall health is positive if you find money on the floor in a dream.

If you dream of picking money from the ground it can indicate that you are suddenly feeling that things will work out well for you. 

If you spend money in your dream, it might reveal your hopes on realization a big goal or plan that will ensure your future

To lend money to someone in your dream means that you’re worried about someone in waking life

To see people exchange money means that you’re acting or feeling jealous recently

If you received something that made you happy, it’s your task to give back and make someone else happy

If you dream of receiving money, the Lord is probably reminding you that money isn’t the most important thing in life

If you constantly dream of receiving money, then you probably need to share what you have in abundance with those who have less or nothing

If you receive money from a dead person, it means that you’ll be forgiven or spared from something

If you dream of 5 coins but you felt like you should have more, you will experience material loss or get robbed

If you swallow a coin in your dream, it means that you will betray yourself

If you receive money in your dream, it denotes your good character. You’re someone people can trust

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