what does it mean to dream of lions

what does it mean to dream of lions

If your dream is about the lion becoming domestic or wild shows that you feel some predestined guilt. 

If the lion is in a cage then this suggests that one is afraid of power and feel it needs to be held back.

dreaming of being killed by a lion may also symbolize gut feelings we have about others.

A lion cub forecasts an invaluable new friend.

If you are being attacked by a lion then this can be a rather scary dream. 

If you are fighting a lion, this is the sign of scandal.

A black lion is a negative omen. It is associated with harm in life.

To see a white lion is connected to a magical new beginning.

If you are fighting a pack of lions, this dream means contempt. 

Turned into a lion = loyalty

The lion in tarot cards = indicates a mother figure

Positive changes are afoot if: The lion was friendly. The lion was golden.

Been attacked by a lion = someone will approach you to be friends.

Gone on a safari = good luck will be yours.

Seen a lion in a forest or safari = there is a hidden agenda.

Chased by a lion = watch out for an enemy.

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