what does it mean to dream of fire

what does it mean to dream of fire

If you poked the fire (with a poker) this indicates that cheerful times ahead.

If you see yourself sat by a fire this indicates that you want your home comforts. 

If you jumped over a fire, this indicates a new birth or self-regeneration in life.

If you saw a blue fire in a dream this indicates a cold-hearted female.

If you are feeling any pain from the fire or are badly burned in the dream this denotes gossip in waking life. 

If you managed to put out the fire, or the fire was put out by a fire brigade then this denotes a new start in life. 

If your own house was on fire then this can be associated with difficult relationships in life. 

If you dream of a small or a weak fire, this dream indicates that you are going to experience happiness in your life.

If you dream of putting out a fire with water, this signifies that you are going to stop a family fraud.

If you dream that the fire is spreading, this shows that arguments are likely in the future.

If you witness a fire explosion in a dream it can indicate someone's temper is out of control. 

If you are traveling in the fire engine, you will have to be more protective of somebody in the future.

If you are feeling cold and lonely in this world then this dream can signal a new start.

If you are building a fire in your dream, it implies that you’re a skillful person

If you activate a smoke detector and the alarm “goes off” this can represent on alarming event in waking life.

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