what does it mean to dream of dogs

what does it mean to dream of dogs

If you have previously owned the dog or you see your own dog in your dream, it means that you are missing something or someone in your life. 

To see aggressive dogs in your dream is a sign that you or someone you know is being disloyal

A dog that is guarding gates or is located near something spiritual means that you need to guard yourself against something.

If it is a domestic dog, it means happiness. If it is a wild dog, it means there are a number of difficulties coming your way

If you see another person walk a dog in the dream it means that you feel you are in charge of something you are accomplishing. 

If you of fancy pet dogs, it means that, you are a lover of performance

If you own the greyhound dog indicates a hidden enemy. 

If you are dressing the dog in an overcoat, it represents your desire to cover up your habits and character flaws

If you see a dog walking in your dream (as if it were a person) it denotes that, you are going to deal with something improper and contrary to nature.

If you see a group of Rottweilers in a dream, it denotes that you have several options to choose from, and it is up to you to make the correct choice.

If the dog is dying in the dream - you could lose something in waking life.

If you kill a dog attacking you in a dream it suggests open talks, sharing your problems and rebuilding your trust by doing something for yourself.

Dreaming of a dog bite or attack denotes you’re feeling attacked by certain people in waking life

If you dreamed of a dog trying to bite you, it indicates a rough time in life

If you were bitten on the hand, it denotes happiness but disappointment. 

To see a dog bite in the dream (and you start bleeding from the bite) is an indication that, people in your household or a relative are going to create a negative situation or problem. 

If you were bitten on the leg or on the ankle, it foretells you will lose balance and the control over your life. 

If you were bitten on the neck, it implies your love relationship is solid. 

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