what does it mean to dream of cats

what does it mean to dream of cats

If you are a cat lover then this dream can signify that you are going to have more insight in daily life.

If you are having a dream about cats then there is much attached to the subconscious dream

If you chase the cat then this shows that obstacles are currently in your way.

if you see a child holding or petting a cat in the dream this can be associated with the valuable experience in the near future. 

If you are scratched or bitten by a cat this can mean that you are going to encounter a difficult situation with a female

If you dream of a black and white cat, it indicates that you will have some source of sadness or regret in the near future.

To see a brown tabby cat in your dream signifies that you're going to receive some important news in the near future. 

If you feed a stray cat in a dream then commonly this is connected to possible chaos in your life

If you are subconsciously a cat lover in the waking world then it is not uncommon t to dream of a stray cat

If you took the stray cat in your home then this can indicate that you are looking for support in life

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