what does it mean to dream of canyon

what does it mean to dream of canyon

To dream of a canyon represents feelings of having so much space or freedom that you don't know what to do with yourself.

Canyon – the gaping subconsciousness. It can also symbolize, apparently, an insuperable chasm. Always there is an opportunity to overcome any canyon which arose on your course of life: bypass it, fly over it, go down in it.

To get to a canyon, an abyss, a crevice or a hole – means to get to a trap. 

However in a certain situation the similar way can lead to a place of dedication and transition. 

It can also be a place, the look, remarkable on beauty, or the excellent vacation spot from where opens.

If you are promoted to the bottom of the gorge, and all around you climb the steep walls - this means that the forces that exceed you, forcing you to make a decision to commit some act.

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