what does it mean to dream of blood

what does it mean to dream of blood

Blood featured in your dream is sometimes positive because it is associated with love and loyalty

If your dream featured a sanitary towel or fabric covered in blood, then things are going to be forgotten quickly in regards to a family argument.

To dream of a tampon covered in blood, or about your menstrual cycle (period) means that you are worrying unnecessarily

If a man dreams of bleeding in any way, it shows that his masculinity has been questioned because he is showing an extreme amount of the feminine quality of emotion.

To see the blood of others represents your occasional difficulty for adulthood

To notice blood on your hands is a positive omen, indicating luck

If you are bleeding in your dream, this can indicate you feel weakened or tired psychologically, emotionally, or physically.

If you dream you are in the hospital and you see blood, it means that past actions may haunt you.

To lose blood in your dream represents that you may be tired in your waking life and that you feel emotional

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