what does it mean to dream of ants

what does it mean to dream of ants

if you dream of ants it indicates that you will ensure that teamwork is important in your workplace.

If you see an ant hill that has been destroyed, this suggests failure to complete a project you have taken on.

To see ants in a line indicates that new beginnings and a possible breakup of relationships

If you are dreaming of ants in your house, it means there is an aspect about yourself or your life that could need some work or attention.

The ants in a house suggest that you seem to be working towards something but never actually achieve what you set out to do.

If you dream of seeing ants at work in your dream this is usually an indicator that you are going to be faced with an important or difficult project, 

If you dream ants are crawling everywhere and all over you, this suggests that something is irritating you in your waking life. 

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