what does it mean to dream in water

what does it mean to dream in water

In general, dreams about water are symbolic of your emotions in your waking life, the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind and your intuition.

if you dream of crystal clear water you can see through, it may symbolize you have great clarity on a situation in your life.

 if you dream of a friend swimming in the water and having a good time, that would mean something completely different than being on a boat alone out at sea during a storm.

To see dirty water in your dream signifies negative emotions you need to release. 

To see murky seawater in a dream reflects your hidden feelings about your life.

 If you are swimming in deep water this indicates you will feel stuck in the middle of a delicate situation. 

To dream about water running foretells a period of stabilization. This dream indicates that you may feel more relaxed than usual and all thanks to a new positive mindset. 

To drink water in your dream symbolizes a thirst for greater knowledge and spiritual enlightenment in waking life. 

To dream about drinking salt water symbolizes future heartbreak and disappointment in my older dream books.

To get sprayed with water in your dream reveals your numbness and fear of opening up. People are constantly trying to get you to open up and talk honestly. 

To walk on water in your dream symbolizes your unique abilities and the control you have over your emotions. 

Seeing choppy sea in a dream can indicate a worrying time ahead but you will work it out in the end. 

To fall into the muddy water can be frightening in both waking life and dreams. However, the interpretation of the dream is positive and related to success. 

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