what does it mean to dream in rain

what does it mean to dream in rain

Rain are a symbol of sadness or depression.

To see rain in a dream denotes that you will get rid of sins, your regrets will finish, you will have inner peace, abundance.

To see that you walk and get wet in the rain in your dream indicates that you will devote to the spiritual life and by getting rid of your own inner problems, you will reach the peace.

A dream about rain indicates a new beginning in ones life. 

If the rain in your dream was a storm, that dream usually reveals having strong emotions of anger, aggressiveness, sadness, or grief.

To see the rain on the window screen, on the car or at home is all about how you can bring back memories that are more positive. 

If in your dream you are in a house with your hidden away from the rain this indicates that you need to be prepared to deal with situations that may be difficult.

The position of the rain is also important. 

If it is in front of you then there are definitely emotional problems in a relationship. 

If however it is behind you then this indicates that you have walked away from a relationship that has been causing you emotional problems.

if the rain is negative in your dream then you may find difficulty communicating with somebody else.

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